Callum Thorne Decorative Plasterwork

About Thorne Decorative Plasterwork

Where We've Come From

Callum Thorne learned his craft in Edinburgh at James McKenzie’s Ornamental and Fibrous Plasters which has been in business for nearly fifty years. He honed his traditional, heritageornamental, and decorative plastering skills with companies all over Scotland and then worked for a number of years in London before heading overseas to work in Canada, USA, New Zealand and, since 2017, in Australia.

Callum Thorne in his decorative plastering workshop
Callum Thorne at work on location

What We've Done

As a skilled craftsman Callum Thorne has been commissioned to work on many and varied restoration projects around the globe:

Where We're Going

In 2017 Thorne Decorative Finishings opened in Sydney, Australia. It offers a clear point of difference with its experience in using both traditional techniques and modern methods for ornamental and decorative plastering, and restoration of all types. The company focuses on both heritage, commercial and residential projects – and no project is too small or too large.

Callum Thorne at work, holding two plaster frames

Contact Callum

If you’re interested in joining the Thorne Decorative Finishings team of sub-contractors, fill out our contact form, or contact Callum via

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