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Heritage Plaster Consultation and Surveys

Thorne Decorative Plasterwork carries out surveys and consultations for heritage plaster restoration.

Bring Your Plaster Design Back to its Former Glory

Heritage plaster and ornamental ceilings can be a victim to several issues such as movement, water damage, insecure fixings, and rotten timber. That is why repair and restoration cannot be relied on to guesswork and thus needs a system of thorough processes to ensure that the work is done with utmost care and attention. With all these things that need to be put into consideration, our expert advice is to conduct a plaster conditions survey.

A plaster consultation survey aims to know the present condition of the plasterwork and understand the cause of any problem that it currently has. That is the first step towards having a clear point of attack to decide how to stabilize or repair specific plasterwork. Only then will we be able to efficiently provide the most appropriate repair work to be initiated.

Decorative platsterwork by Callum Thorne in a commercial building.
Ceiling plasterwork by Thorne Decorative Plasterwork in Sydney

The Importance of a Heritage Plaster Consultation

That is our guiding principle in Thorne Decorative Plasterwork. And that is also why, over the years, building owners and architects come to us for our expertise in using both traditional techniques and modern methods for ornamental and decorative plastering and restoration of all types.

We come up with a detailed plan to determine the scope of works and the budget required for the project. Our consultations also help establish the current condition of existing plasterwork enabling us to deliver ceiling repairs action plan working with our clients. Heritage plaster and Ornamental ceilings can be a victim to several issues, such as movement,  water damage, insecure fixings, and rotten timbers. This is why it’s important to have a survey carried out to access whether the plasterwork requires minor alterations or the reproduction of existing mouldings in our workshop for ceiling repairs in Sydney.

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