Callum Thorne Decorative Plasterwork

Photo Gallery Of Our Residential Projects

For impressions of our work, please scroll down and browse our photo gallery. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us.

Beautiful ceiling by Thorne Decorative Plasterwork
Ceiling plasterwork by Thorne Decorative Plastering
Ceiling repair Sydney by Callum Thorne
Plasterwork details by Callum Thorne
Plasterwork on a ceiling in Sydney
Thorne Decorative Plasterwok in Sydney
Ornamental plasterwork on a ceiling
Ornamental plasterwork on a round ceiling
residential work
residential work
residential work
Georgian design work
Ornamental ceiling
example of decorative plasterwork on a ceiling
Preparation of plasterwork in the workshop
Ornamental plastering in the workshop
Ornamental plaster ceiling
Thorne Decorative Plasterwork workshop