Callum Thorne Decorative Plasterwork

Heritage Plastering

Thorne Decorative Plasterwork specialises in heritage plastering throughout Sydney and NSW. We use traditional craft methods to restore, replicate and preserve decorative plasterwork either in our workshop or out on site.

What is Heritage Plastering?

Heritage plastering is plasterwork that is valued by our community and is conserved and preserved for future generations. The heritage plasterworks you see today in Sydney homes and buildings provide reference points in history and tell us a little story of the past and the methods and materials used.

Heritage plasterworks on ceiling, by Syndey heritage plasterer Callum Thorne

Eras and Techniques

Not sure about what style? Here is a description of some of the Heritage styles here in Sydney.

Victorian –  Typically found in areas such as Paddington, The rocks and the CBD. High ceilings and elaborate archways were a key feature in Victorian homes. Cornices were usually Large with curved members or had fruits and vines flowing throughout. Ceiling roses were mostly always fluted and panel mouldings were also commonly found on walls. Internal walls were lime rendered and had lath and plaster ceilings.

Federation Style –  Featured from around 1890 – 1915 in Australia. Ceilings were decorated with decorative ceiling panels which would have waratahs, kookaburras, and lyrebirds. Cornices were never plain and would be covered with bows, flowers, and medallions.

Lath and Plaster –  It consists of wooden laths nailed or screwed to the ceiling joists or applied directly to brick walls. From there a 3 coat application of plaster is added to finish of the ceiling and walls. Sand is mixed with slaked lime and horsehair for durability and strength, applied by a steel trowel.

Cornice Restoration –  This is where we replicate existing and damaged pieces of a cornice or other decorative plaster pieces and match back to the original. We use traditional craft methods and techniques to carry out this process.

Example of heritage plasterworks on ceiling by Callum Thorne, a Syndey based heritage plasterer
Ornamental heritage plasterworks in a building in Sydney